About Merel

Photographer and Public Relations & Communications Advisor

About me

merel klijzing

Hello, I’m Merel.  Welcome to my website and thanks for taking the time to meet me.

I come from a background of working ‘client side’ in PR & Communications.  I loved this job and adored my colleagues.  At the same time I had this growing fascination with photography which proved incurable.  So in 2008  I kissed my corporate life goodbye and pursued my own adventure.  Trusting my strengths  I  launched myself into a career as independent photographer and PR & communications advisor.

Merging these capabilities proved to be a smart move. I now make a living by combining the things I love and do best. And thanks to my versatility I can provide services to a wide variety of clients, both private and corporate.

Are you looking for help with communication matters? Or are you searching for a creative photographer?  Either way I will surprise you with my ‘bonus’ qualities.  By understanding the art of communication. In all of it’s aspects.

I’m said to have a high energy level, but despite this trait I’m really quite relaxed and fun to work with. You should try me!

If you are interested in finding out more, please drop me an email at office@shooot.nl